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Home Conversations Accelerated Collective Evolution w/ Dharmendra Gordon

Accelerated Collective Evolution w/ Dharmendra Gordon

January 04, 2020 (America/Los_Angeles)

Debra Graugnard interviews Dharmendra Gordon on her podcast, Self-Care for the Soul.

Accelerated Collective Evolution helps us uncover powerful tools for finding solutions to the problems we face. The process is open-eyed and interactive, and works with the subconscious, conscious and superconscious minds. It applies various methods designed to activate, utilize and develop the powers and capacities latent in each of these spheres.

The emphasis throughout is finding the still center within and relaxing into one’s essential and unconditioned being and learning to think, speak and act from that place of deep, lucid and loving wisdom.

The point of each meeting will be unique and will arise as a result of the exponential increase in conscious awareness and intelligence of all those present as the group moves through the three levels of consciousness.

The result: this expands the potential of the collective superconsciousness of all those present to discover innovative solutions to any and all of the problems that humanity is facing at this time. This gives us one of the most potent and effective tools in the creative expression of Compassion in Action.

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